Looking for the best Halal Burgers Joint in Toronto? Where would you go to satisfy your burger cravings back in the day?

If you have lived in Toronto for a few years, you might remember the time when it was so hard to find halal burger joints.  These days however, it’s a battle deciding where to eat. We wanted to make it easier for all the burger lovers out there.

Here are our top 3 Halal picks in GTA (Greater Toronto Area):


1. The Burgernator

If you want a big flavourful burger, this is the place to be. A bit on the expensive side, but totally worth it.  The Burgernator is located in Kensington market, downtown. It can be a bit of a drive and you might need to plan ahead for a trip to burgernator.

Burgers are huge and juicy and come in so many different combinations. You can add fried eggs, chicken strips, fried cheese or onion rings as toppings along with plenty of other options. My favourite burger has to be the ‘Drop down, Give me Spicy’.  Delicious patty, melted cheese, sautéed jalapenos, onion rings and the signature chipotle BBQ sauce! Heads up, 2 patties can be a mouthful, I prefer just one.

We strongly recommend their onion rings, fries and poutine and always make sure to finish my meal with the mouth-watering deep fried Mars dessert.
I have found Saturdays to be the best day to visit this place simple because the Saturday staff cares. I was a bit disappointed when I visited Burgernator on a weekday in Ramadan. Everything tasted completely different. It might have been an occasional incident but for first comers, Saturday is the day!


2. On The Bun

Located in Mississauga, definitely an easier to visit, last minute option. I wish they were open later than 9 though. On the Bun has become my safe eating spot. It’s very affordable. You can almost always expect food to be delicious and fresh. Consistency brings us back.

Poutine is my favorite item on the menu. Apple Butter and Masala burgers are delicious. Fries come in so many varieties, you name it. Mohammad, the owner is a super friendly guy and always makes me a delicious meal.  Their portions are huge and lots of seating available. Definitely a Mississauga favorite!


3. Highway 55

This is the place to visit for real American Burgers. Highway 55 is located in Oakville right next to Oakville Place.

You can create your own burger by picking your choice of patties, cheese and toppings. They have a wide range to choose from. The orange-lemonade combination is great for a hot day. I crave their crispy fries with hot cheese sauce all the time. I must say the burgers taste the best. Personally, I wasn’t impressed with their hot dogs, beef chilli or the beef patty with veggies. And is it just me or the Pepsi at this location tastes like no other Pepsi!

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